Basketball is one of the most popular sports

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world, but for those of you who are just learning the sport, there are some fundamental rules you need to know in order to participate in the sport, wither as a player or a spectator. Basketball is a ten-player game with two teams of five players each. In professional teams, there are more than five players, but only that many on the court at any one time. Additional players will substitute in for each other during the game, either during a time out or between quarters of the game.

The whole point of basketball is to shoot a ball through a hoop while following certain rules. Some of these include no traveling, no technical fouls, or a free-throw ensues, allowing the opposing team or player to shoot from a free throw line without any interference from other players. A basketball net is hung 10 feet from the ground. If certain rules of the game are followed, a player may attempt to shoot the ball through the hoop from almost anywhere on the court, as long as it is inside the boundary lines and within a certain time. There is a shot clock for each time, allotting a team a set period to attempt to make a basket. There are field goals, where a shot is worth 3 points, and lay-ups or other basket attempts made close to the net which are worth two points. If a basketball goes into the net during the time and boundaries specified, then the team who made the basket get points.

Basketball has been around since 1891 and has seen different variations depending on casual league play, professional play, and street ball played, for instance on the streets of Venice Beach and New York City. The general rules are the same with only slight variations no matter the type of basketball being played.

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France Wheelchair Basketball Team

France Wheelchair Basketball Team Prepares to Compete in Nazareth

All fans of France men’s Wheelchair Basketball team might be really disappointed after they finished second at the World Championships last year. Now they are playing down the chances for success at the 2011 European Championships, so they are trying to focus on London 2012 qualification.

For the European crown (from 8th to 17th of September), twelve men and seven women from the Wheelchair Basketball teams are going to compete in Nazareth, Israel. There will be also five men’s and three women’s spots for the famous London 2012 Paralympic games.

After the lack of qualification for Beijing in 2008, France is motivated to get its priorities right this time by making no mistakes.

It is saying that everybody is picking France for the European Championships, but after the new ranking they will find it difficult to play teams at all. Fans are trying to convince us that France could be one of the World Basketball Leagues, but the reality is that France basketball teams are the smallest ones in Europe, and maybe even in the entire world.
The head coach of the France national basketball team Frank Belen is hoping that soon all the bad feeling of the disappointment will disappear and then he will raise his team up to a top-three or four finish in Nazareth.

Belen also expects to see tough matchups against Italy and Great Britain. In his opinion ten teams are possible to win the Championships and go to London, which just gives a hint that the tournament is going to be extremely tough. However France is preparing to play like never before, the training for Nazareth started already in the beginning of August this year

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