Pay Per Views and the Buy Rate

Almost every big company is coming up with pay per view events these days. These events are not aired for free and one must pay to enjoy them. One can even order them online. Casinos are considered a good place to watch PPVs because of the ambiance and crowd.

Most companies have monthly pay per view events that cater to a certain target audience. Wrestling, boxing and mixed martial arts pay per views are very famous, not just in North America but around the world. During pay per view weekends, (they are normally held on weekends) casinos are full with fans watching their favorite sport.

Wrestling extravaganzas, such as Wrestlemania, a yearly event, is watched every year in more than 150 countries on pay per view. People pay to watch superstars slug it out in the ring. The company, World Wrestling Entertainment, comes up with unique ideas to boost purchase rates. Special promotions are done online. Casinos try to cash in on this opportunity by airing these PPVs.

At Wrestlemania XXVIII, we witnessed the epic return of the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), who is now a well-known actor. The former wrestler stepped again in the squared circle to face the face of the company, John Cena. The match that won rave reviews from critics and fans brought back the nostalgia.

The event turned out to be a major money spinner, with an estimated buy rate of 1.5 million (worldwide). The gala event that was attended by people from different countries was watched live in countries like America, England, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Germany.
Now, these big corporations are not only aiming towards topping the rating charts, but also towards making money by enhancing the buy rates. They save the biggest matches for pay per view so that more and more people watch the event.

UFC, a mixed-martial arts company, is giving wrestling tough competition. A legit sport, it ousted WWE from the game by giving bigger matches and using better marketing strategies. Brock Lesnar, a former WWE performer who just made his return to the ‘E, turned out to be one of the biggest draws in UFC history.
Pay per view events are equally famous in boxing too. However, they are not that dramatized. The WWE and UFC use tactics to gain people’s attention; whereas, boxing rests solely on the competition and the matches. However, looking at current trends, this is bound to change soon, as boxing is also planning to widen its horizon and cater to the masses by introducing gimmicks and other attractions.

Companies use celebrities, special promotions and performances by big names to attract more people. Wrestling, undoubtedly, tops the charts when it comes to glamorizing the events. This is more due to the presence of divas and the fact that it is scripted, which allows more fun play.
Given the big money it offers, it’s predicted that soon more sports will enter the pay per view market, giving tough competition to others.

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Forecasting the Premier League 2012-13

With the Premier League about to begin, everyone is busy preparing their prediction charts. People are gambling in online casinos about the winner. The EURO Cup 2012 proved that predictions can always be wrong, as Spain was never the hot favorite to take the crown home.

This season, one team that tops fans’ list is the defending champion, Manchester City. It has only improved in the last year and is ready to take on whatever comes its way. The last year’s victory is still fresh in people’s minds, and everyone is expecting the City to repeat history again.
One look at the stats, and you’ll see why people think so. It has some of the best sportsmen today. The presence of David Silva, the man whom many credit for Spain’s win in the 2012 Euro Cup alone puts the City in a strong position this year. His techniques have only improved in the last few months and he is prepared to win it again for his team.

A lot is resting on Silva’s capable shoulders. He has proven time and again that he is a reliable player and has it all in him to rise against the odds. On most online casino websites, people are putting their money on Silva.

This season, Manchester City seems to be in great form with another experienced player, Carlos Tevez, in the team, who is capable of changing the game any moment. The presence of such key players, including Sergio Aguero puts Manchester City at top ranks.

However, it is going to face tough competition from Chelsea and Manchester United. Both teams are eager to take the trophy home and strengthen their position with a victory. Chelsea, already termed as the uncrowned winner by fans, has been performing at an extraordinary level for quite some time now. The team that is capable of winning against anyone is fans’ favorite this season.

With the 2011-2012 UEFA Champions League victory in its hands, Chelsea has proven that it is prepared to take on the big challenge. The presence of biggies such as Ryan Bertrand, John Terry and Ashley Cole puts Chelsea in an enviable position.

However, one more team that is in the race is Manchester United. It is the team that has always played well and is inching towards the cup slowly by improving its game. The recent changes made prove that it is planning well for the matches and is ready to put its best game.

Players like Nani, Michael Carrick and Nemanja Vidic are all capable of hitting the bull’s eye and winning it for the team. It is obvious that it’s going to be an exciting season this year.

Whose prediction will come true? Wait till the finale arrives! You can watch it at home, online, in casino or at your friend’s place.

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