Blake and Powell Suffer Hamstring Injuries

Yohan Blake has suffered a hamstring injury last Saturday as he competed at the UTECH Track and Field Classic in Kingston. The injury sustained during 100m race seemed minor at first, and Blake even tweeted to let his fans know it’s only a leg cramp. Unfortunately, his optimism was misplaced. Injuries can’t be taken lightly, and you sure can’t just redeal your cards like in the latest Microgaming blackjack game.

Subsequent MRI scan has shown the injury might be serious enough to demand a break from the upcoming competitions. At the moment, the likely outcome is that Blake will have to recuperate for several weeks, and possibly miss the next two meetings, including the 200m race in Shangai.

With the track and field season getting in its full swing, it will be a pity if the second fastest man on Earth has to miss a few races, but the most important thing is that the injury heals up perfectly!

Jamaica's Asafa Powell looks at the scoreboard after running in the men's 100m final during the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic StadiumBlake’s compatriot Asafa Powell is another top class sprinter who recently suffered a similar injury. A hamstring injury caused him to withdraw from IAAF World Challenge in Melbourne, where he was scheduled to run. He was also forced to pull out of Stawell Gift, a traditional grass race held in Australia’s Victoria state.

Powell, another one of the fastest sprinters of all time, had a difficult time at the last year’s London Olympics, when he suffered a groin injury during the 100m finals. Despite this string of bad luck, the 30-year-old sprinter seems to be adamant to keep his top shape, even if these days his younger compatriots – Bolt and Blake – are spending more time in spotlight.

Just recently, Powell showed his optimistic attitude and is determined to make a big comeback. It’s difficult to say if his expectations are realistic or far fetched – time will tell – but either way, his determination to stay in the game is great news!

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Usain Bolt Opens 2013 with a Loss, Plays Basketball

7973906Jamaican track hero Usain Bolt came in third in his first race of 2013, a 400m dash in Kingston, Jamaica. However, this shouldn’t have fans of the triple gold medalist—or the man himself—worried. He’s not drifting off to playing baccarat online everyday, not just yet (but if you’re interested, check out

Bolt regularly competes in low-key 400m events early in each season, even though this is not one of the star’s winning races. The 400m helps him build up fitness for the shorter 100m and 200m races in which he regularly dominates. Perhaps he also competes in this longer race to help him keep his humility.

The track star certainly has managed to keep an even keel and a sense of perspective about his success at the 2008 and 2012 Olympics, and the international fame it has brought him. Obviously he is looking forward to the next Olympics, where he hopes to continue his streak of winning gold in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay. He’s training hard to ensure that he continues to hold the world record in the 100m and 200m. However, in the meantime he has to have some fun.

Bolt is excited about stepping onto the basketball court for the Celebrity Game held during the NBA’s All-Star weekend Feb 15-17. The 6 foot 5 inch sprinter remarked with typical good humor that he can’t shoot very well, but he can definitely dunk. Fans of track and basketball alike will surely have a treat in store when Bolt flies down the court, snags a pass, and slams home a dunk.

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